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How do I add a new protocol?
For adding a new protocol or a new post, just sign in and then click the “Add new content” button on the lateral menu. This will bring you to a page where you could edit a new post. First you have to select which categories it belongs to. You are then requested to type the title.
For writing the main text of your post you may choose between two options. The default option is the use of a Rich Text Editor (drag and drop not allowed, cut and paste not allowed). It allows the formatting of text pasted by using the plain text box. On the other hand, you may type plain text using a basic text box (drag and drop allowed, cut and paste allowed). All the text that you paste in here will lose its formatting. The plain text editor accepts HTML code. The same editing tools allow you to type an optional “Credits” paragraph (where you may thank other contributors or for example explain in which Lab you developed and optimized a protocol or supply further notes or hints).

Who can access the content I just published on LabWizards.com?
While writing or editing a post, you have to select whether you want to allow other users to reach your post through the search / browse methods available on the Website. If so, tick the corresponding checkbox. Otherwise, untick the checkbox. You may change this option at any time. Just click the “Update Content” button on the lateral menu and modify the search parameter as desired. in any case, your content will be accessible by pointing to its precise URL (for more info, contact the Webmaster).

How do I edit an existing protocol?
You may edit /update your post at any time, just click the “Update Content” button on the lateral menu. Note that after the publication of a post, its category (unlike its subcategory) is not modifiable.

May I upload some files linked to my post?
After you successfully publish your post, you may provide supplementary materials. Just click the “Supporting Docs” button on the lateral menu or alternatively the “Upload or provide supporting documents” button in the main frame. You are not allowed to upload copyrighted/offensive/inappropriate material. Please, make sure that your uploads are virus-free. The non-respect of these basic rules may bring to the cancellation of your account without notice.