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Authors may decide whether make their posts reachable by other users or not. Reachable contents may be found by using different tools. First, contents may be browsed by category (and/or subcategories), by clicking on the corresponding menu buttons. You may also select all reachable items published by a specific author (a list of all registered users/authors is accessible by clicking the “Profiles” button on the top menu). Moreover, a search tool is available and allows to search for contents by keyword. Posts belonging to the “Documents” section are by default not searchable by unregistered users through the aforementioned methods. Anyway, all contents (either searchable or not searchable ones) may be directly reached (either by registered or unregistered users) by typing their precise URL. This means that you may for example post a document or a protocol and keep it private by specifying that it will not be searchable. However, you will be always allowed to share it with other researchers by communicating the corresponding URL. Note also that full text contents belonging to the “Protocols” section are by default not accessible  by unregistered users. A preview of the protocols will be  anyway available.