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Contents are organized in three main sections, namely “Protocols”, “Your Work” and “Extra” sections. In the “Protocols” section you will mainly find Research protocols. This is the chief section of the Website. The ”Your Work” section is a space where you may upload Abstracts, Posters or Presentations (outlining your ongoing projects and your results) that you want to upload online or that you wish to share with other researchers. The “Extra” section includes more trivial and less scientific projects. You may include documents or protocols concerning your hobbies, science fairs projects for kids and students or kitchen/garage science projects. This is the funny part of the Website.  

Each section is then organized in several subcategories. When you publish a new content, you will be asked to select which section and which subsection it belongs to. If you feel that your post should be included in a subsection that doesn’t exist yet, just select “other” and then contact the Webmaster at labwizz@gmail.com, explain your reasons and share your ideas. We may agree to add a new subsection category that would fit your post.