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May I join this Website for free? No advertising? Where is the trickery?
Yes, you may use this Website for free and there is no advertising. I gain no money for all this (on the contrary I have to spend a small sum each year). Why am I doing so?  I am a postdoc, I needed an online tool for keeping a tidy track of all my protocols, so I built this website primarily for me. If you think that the same online tool would fit your needs, your are welcome to use it.

I have some issues while browsing this Website from my tablet/smartphone!
I tried to make as mobile-friendly as possible. However, the browsing experience can be still pretty poor with some devices, especially with Windows-based phones/tablets.  If you are a mobile user and you have issues while browsing this website, feel free to inform the Webmaster about the problems you are running through.  

I cannot complete registration and the following error message is displayed: “…check email address and/or choose a different (nick)name…”. What should I do? 
First,  be sure that you haven’t already registered an account associated to the same email address. If you registered a new account but you didn’t validate your email address, you won’t be able to use the same email address for another registration. In that case, contact the Webmaster. 
Second, maybe you selected a (nick)name already in use. Click the “Profiles” button on the top menu. A list of all registered users will appear. Select a nickname that does not appear in the list. If you still run in the aforementioned problem try to chose another (nick)name or contact the Webmaster. 

I am not allowed to sign-in at the end of the registration process. Why?
You have to validate your email address by clicking a link that we sent you by email. Haven’t you received this activation email yet? If you don’t find the mail in your inbox, check your spam / junk mail box as well. If you still don’t find the email, please contact the Webmaster. 

I am concerned about security and privacy issues. What may you tell me about?
I am concerned about these issues as well. Website files are hosted by Aruba Linux Hosting Maintainer, whose servers are located in Italy ( So you now know that your files will be located there. Italian legislation applies and protects the privacy of your files (your documents and your contact information will never be transmitted to third parties without your consent). At the same time, you do not have the right to publish any offensive, illegal, inappropriate material. You also don’t have the right of reproducing copyrighted or confidential material on this Website. Non respect of these rules may bring my Website down and will cause the block of your account. 

I contacted the Webmaster 3 days ago but he hasn’t replied yet! Why so?
I am not a professional programmer. I’ll try to reply to your requests as soon as possible. However I have a job, a life and you are not paying for this service. So, please don’t get mad at me if your requests will be processed with some delay.

May I post contents or protocols written in languages other than English?
Please, it would be advisable to write all posts in English. If needed, you may upload a supplementary .doc or .pdf file written in another language. Anyway, written contents should be in English.

May I send to the Webmaster a message written in languages other than English?
Sure you may! Not sure whether the Webmaster will understand it! LOL. Anyway, I speak also French and Italian.

I would implement this online protocol collection tool in my Website. Would you please share the source PHP files with me?
LOL, no (unless you are willing to pay me)! Set a redirect on your page and use my Website instead.

There is another question that I would like to ask! Who should I address to?
Just send an email to the Webmaster, please. The email address is